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CEREC® Dentist

If you are seeking a single-sitting dental solution to address your unshapely, stained or damaged teeth, our specialist CEREC® dentist at Sharma Dental Center will correct the problem to restore your natural smile and appearance.

As your local dentist, we know unsightly gaps in your teeth and badly-shaped teeth can make you uncomfortable. But you need not worry, as instead of going for long-drawn and inconvenient prosthetic dental procedures, the CEREC® procedure and technology at our Dublin office will transform your smile and appearance in a single visit.

Receive Dental Restoration, Cosmetic Solutions in One Day With CEREC®

The conventional way to address stained, misshaped or damaged teeth requires taking an impression of the tooth, send measurements to a dental lab to design the restoration, provide a temporary restoration to the patient while the new one is created, and complete the bonding procedure and satisfy a good fit for your restoration. The whole procedure can be time-consuming and inconvenient. But with CEREC®, a modern solution for modern restoration, there’s no need for multiple dental visits and wearing a temporary prosthetic.

In fact, a CEREC® procedure is particularly helpful if you want to address your stained teeth, teeth that have a gap, and abnormal-sized teeth in a hurry or in cases of an emergency. So, if you urgently need a dental restoration, have a dental emergency, or want to enhance your appearance, please visit our dental clinic to seek a rapid and efficient resolution through the CEREC® technology and procedure. Our qualified and experienced specialist dentist and staff have carried out numerous dental restorations for patients in Dublin and surrounding areas.

The Procedure of CEREC® Technology

First, our dental staff takes photographs your mouth and tooth and uploads them into the software. Computer-assisted technology creates an exact and highly-detailed computerized image of your tooth, and blueprint for your restored tooth. A milling machine is used to print the restoration in our office, and you are not required to wear a temporary prosthetic. As the steps in the CEREC® dental restoration procedure are completed in just one appointment, we take just a few hours to give you the crown, inlays, onlays, or the veneers you need to get you smiling confidently again.


New Smile For Special Occasions

At Sharma Dental Center, we will create your picture-perfect smile using the CEREC® technology. Given that grooms, brides, and their families are incredibly busy, traditional cosmetic solutions such as veneer or crowns or veneers require weeks of treatment. In a single sitting, we address stained teeth, close gaps in teeth, and change the shape or size of your misshaped tooth.

CEREC® For Your Immediate Need

If you are vacationing in Dublin or nearby areas and your broken or chipped tooth is causing discomfort, please call us and we will get you fitted you with the needed dental restoration so that you can continue to enjoy your meals, activities, and vacation.

New Crown Before The Big Day At Office

If you a damaged tooth and approaching a big meeting or a presentation at work, we will have you looking confident in no time. To know more about the CEREC® procedure, call us at  (925) 833-6200 and schedule your appointment.





Read Our Reviews

I went to Sharma Dental late on a Saturday afternoon due to emergency. Dr Sharma was very accommodating, and patiently described the procedure clearly and accurately. I felt he cared about my concerns with pain. The procedure wound up being quick and painless, just like he described! His staff was also very professional and helpful.

star star star star star Rene Gonzalez

I had a problem of loose abutment in my dental implant.I visited-Sharma Dental Center. The issue was diagnosed in the most professional way and in one sitting abutment alignment and fixing was done. Dr.Sharma has state of the art-set up and well equipped. I recommend persons in need of Dental Care with human touch, must visit this clinic.

star star star star star Baldev Karwal

Went to this new dental center on referral. I had a cleaning and cavity filling. Dr Chuang was very nice and professional. She let me know everything she was doing as she did it. Definitely kept me comfortable and kept my pain level managed. The facility is brand new so it is very clean and has some of the latest technology.

star star star star star Phong Nguyen

Dr Chuang was very helpful and informative. She took good care of my teeth, frequently asking if I was comfortable and explained everything well. Learned how to floss properly and answered all my questions

star star star star star Josh Siu

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