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Fastbraces® is a Better Option

When it comes to people who have crooked teeth have (or malocclusion), the thought of straightening teeth frequently involves the need to go through a long, complicated process with braces. But what if there was a solution that allows you to correct your crooked teeth without having to struggle for years with braces? Modern technology has finally caught up with braces. Fastbraces® work just as well if not better than traditional braces, but in a way that allows you to straighten your teeth much more quickly. Although this is a new and vastly improved technology, it has been used for decades (Fastbraces® have existed for close to 20 years). This modern process has been efficiently utilized in close to 30 countries around the world. Unlike traditional braces, Fastbraces® straighten your teeth in a much shorter and quicker period of time Traditional braces can take years to make a real difference. Therefore, the best option for adults is this new solution.

The Technology

This improved, modern technology allows you to straighten your teeth at our Dublin office without the need to go through years of wearing metal in your mouth. Keeping that in mind, it is crucial to observe some of the differences between traditional braces and this new technology. The most significant difference occurs with the brackets that are implanted to the surface of your teeth. The brackets are square-shaped and teeth are moved in multiple stages with traditional braces. This treatment can take years, depending on how many stages of movement the teeth need to go through. Fastbraces® utilize triangular brackets instead of square ones. With triangular brackets, the space in between each bracket is much less, allowing for the teeth to come together more quickly. All of the stages of the treatment are completed once, rather than more slowly and in stages. Patients greatly appreciate this aspect of the treatment.

Another difference with the technology occurs with the wires that are used. In this case. With Fastbraces, square wire is utilized, allowing for more flexibility. Instead of requiring wires to be adjusted constantly, the flexibility of these wires allow for the the movement of your teeth to become much more fluid. This allows us the ability to upright the roots starting at the beginning stages of the procedure. Comparatively speaking, there are multiple wires that are constantly being adjusted with traditional braces, often leading to discomfort in the mouth.

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Dublin Fastbraces® are Comfortable

Fastbraces® can straighten your teeth more quickly and the flexible wiring makes the procedure incredibly comfortable. The majority of our patients are surprised by how much more comfortable than traditional braces they actually are. To discuss your options in greater detail, call us at 925-833-6200 and schedule an appointment with our dental office

Timeframe for Straightening Your Teeth

The most important difference between Fastbraces® and traditional braces is that traditional braces can take 18 months to 2 years to work properly, while our Fastbraces® solution can straighten your teeth in as little time as a few weeks to a few months. Also, Fastbraces® typically cost less than traditional braces.

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I went to Sharma Dental late on a Saturday afternoon due to emergency. Dr Sharma was very accommodating, and patiently described the procedure clearly and accurately. I felt he cared about my concerns with pain. The procedure wound up being quick and painless, just like he described! His staff was also very professional and helpful.

star star star star star Rene Gonzalez

I had a problem of loose abutment in my dental implant.I visited-Sharma Dental Center. The issue was diagnosed in the most professional way and in one sitting abutment alignment and fixing was done. Dr.Sharma has state of the art-set up and well equipped. I recommend persons in need of Dental Care with human touch, must visit this clinic.

star star star star star Baldev Karwal

Went to this new dental center on referral. I had a cleaning and cavity filling. Dr Chuang was very nice and professional. She let me know everything she was doing as she did it. Definitely kept me comfortable and kept my pain level managed. The facility is brand new so it is very clean and has some of the latest technology.

star star star star star Phong Nguyen

Dr Chuang was very helpful and informative. She took good care of my teeth, frequently asking if I was comfortable and explained everything well. Learned how to floss properly and answered all my questions

star star star star star Josh Siu

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