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  • Family Dentistry

    Sharma Dental Center is a local Dublin family dentist office. We treat patients of all ages and do so in a warm and welcoming environment. Our office is located in Dublin, and we welcome patients to schedule an appointment and experience how we can keep everyone in the family in optimal... [read more]

  • Mouth Guards

    Mouth Guards A mouth guard is worn over teeth and is a useful dental appliance to protect your or your loved one’s teeth against injury due to activity-related injury. If you want to avoid dental injury to your only set of permanent teeth, gums and cheeks, please call Sharma... [read more]

  • Emergency Dentistry

    Emergency Dentistry

    Actual Patient Emergency Dentistry Dublin, San Ramon, Livermore, Pleasanton CA Patients may seek out an emergency dentist for a variety of reasons. We often find that a dental emergency can strike a person at any time. Our team of dental professionals at Sharma Dental Center will do our best... [read more]

  • Dental Fillings

    Dental Fillings

    Composite  Fillings To treat a cavity or repair broken or cracked teeth, our dentist at the Sharma Dental Center, Dublin, CA, removes the decayed portion of your tooth and “fills” it in with a composite dental filling to provide you a natural-looking tooth restoration. A tooth filling is one... [read more]

  • Invisalign


    For New Patients Only $1000.00 off Invisalign   How does Invisalign® work? As a licensed Invisalign® office, our team of dental professionals straighten teeth using a series of aligners. An impression of your teeth is taken first so that a series of aligners can be molded in a dental... [read more]

  • Dental Implants

    Dental Implants

    New Patient Special Act Now and Claim your Dental Implants for Only $995.00 About Dental Implants Missing teeth can be an embarrassing experience for most people, causing them to lose their self-esteem and hide their smile. The empty space that missing teeth create can quickly and easily become infected... [read more]

  • Dentures


    Dentures Are you looking to replace missing teeth? Consider getting dentures. Patients often inquire about dentures to determine if there is an appropriate solution for their particular dental needs. As is the case with any dental solution, there are pros and cons to wearing dentures. Furthermore, whether or not... [read more]

  • Root Canal Treatment

    Root Canal Treatment

    Why do most people need a root canal? Once a tooth becomes infected, that infection can then spread into the center of the tooth. This area is known as the dental pulp. Inside of the dental pulp is the connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. Here all of the... [read more]

  • TMJ Dentist

    TMJ Dentist Dublin, CA A TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle) disorder may explain the pain you are having in your jaw when you move it, unexplained headaches, pain in your face, neck, ear or jaw, or the popping sounds from the two temporomandibular joints. At the Sharma Dental Center,... [read more]

  • Full Mouth Reconstruction

    Full Mouth Reconstruction

    Full Mouth Reconstruction Patients need not fret– we will sit down with each patient and go in-depth about all of the details with that specific patient’s procedure. When it comes to full mouth reconstruction, each patient will need a treatment plan that is slightly different than another. Customizing the... [read more]

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