Dental Implants

Missing teeth can be an embarrassing experience for most people, causing them to lose their self-esteem and hide their smile. The empty space that missing teeth create can quickly and easily become infected with bacteria, causing the other teeth to shift out of place. This makes it difficult for people to eat or speak correctly. The team of dental professionals at Sharma Dental Center understands the hardship a missing tooth can cause. We provide dental implants so that our patients can improve their health, reaffirm their self-confidence, and approach life in a bold manner.

The process of installing implants is a complex undergoing that necessitates us replacing the patient’s missing teeth in a natural and safe way. We understand that you have multiple dental providers to choose from, so our team at Sharma Dental Center is constantly looking for strategies to enhance the overall experience of our patients. Our luxurious office is located in Dublin and we offer patients the chance to restore their missing teeth in a fashion that looks beautiful and natural.

The Process of Installing Dental Implants

If you have had one or more or your teeth fall out, you may qualify for dental implants as a process of permanently replacing the missing teeth. To find out if you qualify, call (925) 833-6200 and schedule an appointment with our Dublin office. We will examine your jawbone and mouth to determine if the procedure is appropriate for you. Before we commence the procedure, your gums need to be healthy, and you need to have a strong jawbone in place. If we locate any cavities or indicators of gum disease, we will have to treat it before the actual dental implant procedure.

After you have been cleared for the procedure, the dental experts at Sharma Dental Center will use an impression of your mouth to create a new tooth in the dental lab. Each of the synthetic teeth will match the shape and size of the surrounding teeth, along with an identical color match. In this way, your smile will look completely natural after the procedure is completed. Many patients are extremely happy with the results they receive on account of no one being able to tell the difference between which teeth are synthetic and which teeth are real.

Teeth that are restored with dental implants will not produce cavities. A replacement crown, or tooth, does not decay as a natural tooth would. However, it is still required to brush, floss and care for it and your natural surrounding teeth in the same manner as normal. Dental checkups and regular professional cleanings are also essential.

Dublin Dental Prosthesis

The following step in the procedure is to embed an artificial tooth root - "dental implant" under the gum line. This important aspect of the procedure is what sets an implant apart from various forms of cosmetic dentistry. The implant is attached to the jawbone in order to create both a durable and synthetic root system that rivals the strength of natural roots. During the course of a few months, the jawbone and implant will fuse together. This process creates a strong level of durability that cannot be replicated in other types of procedures.

Abutments are used to connect the prosthesis to the implants at the surface of the gums. The new tooth is attached extremely securely so that patients can maintain an active lifestyle, eat their favorite foods, and play sports without the fear of their tooth becoming loose or falling out. Patients can enjoy the full range of benefits that come along with never having to worry about their tooth again.

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The team of dental professionals at Sharma Dental Center provides dental implants in a way that is both functional and comfortable. We make sure to take the time to ensure that every last aspect of the procedure is completed correctly from the very first moment.

Caring for Dental Prosthesis and Implants

Once the dental implants have been installed, they are incredibly easy to care for. We always hear patients throughout the Dublin area post questions that range from “How do I brush my teeth?” or “Do implants come out?” The answers are fortunately not nearly as complex as some people might suspect. Because we install dental prosthesis by way of creating a synthetic root system, they are secure and durable. The dental prosthesis will not become loose or fall out. This means that you can run in a 10k marathon, play basketball, and wrestle with your kids – without ever having to worry about your tooth coming out.

In order to properly care for your implants, we strongly advise patients to thoroughly brush and floss their teeth throughout the day as normal. In addition, it is vitally important to schedule routine dental cleanings and exams with our staff at least twice a year. Here at Sharma Dental Center, we will help you to properly clean your teeth and ensure that they maintain their health.

Although the dental prosthesis cannot become infected themselves, the natural teeth around them can. If you suffer from a severe case of a dental abscess or gum disease, the infection can then spread into your jawbone. This phenomenon puts your implants in danger because the jawbone must be in good health in order to stay secure. If the jawbone becomes infected, both your dental prosthesis and the rest of your teeth will be at extreme risk

If you presently have implants and your teeth begin to hurt, call (925) 833-6200 immediately to schedule an appointment. We can identify any infection and treat it before it has the opportunity to spread into the jawbone. As long as you carefully follow these very simple preventative care guidelines, your natural teeth and implants should remain in outstanding health.