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TeethXpress® Dublin, CA

Tooth loss, especially multiple tooth loss due to injury or dental conditions, can be an alarming situation and leave patients doubtful about possible solutions even as they deal with the reduced ability to eat and smile. At the Sharma Dental Center, we offer our patients the state-of-the-art tooth replacement solution of ToothXpress®. TeethXpress® dental implants are full-arch permanent implants, which bond with your bone and give back your natural smile. And unlike dentures, there’s no extensive maintenance involved.

Our dental clinic offers both implants and dentures. Please call us at (925) 833-6200 to know how you can reclaim the functional ability of teeth and the appearance of your smile through the innovative TeethXpress® implants procedure or dentures.

With more than 35 million Americans not having any teeth, and over 178 million have at least one missing tooth, TeethExpress® is an appropriate solution for tooth loss due to old age, disease or injury.

How does the loss of tooth or teeth affect my daily living?

People realize the true value of their tooth or teeth only when they lose one or more teeth, as it can cause serious harm to dental and overall health. After tooth loss, chewing, speaking and ability to smile naturally are affected. With TeethXpress® you can swiftly get back the natural function of your tooth.

What is TeethXpress®?

It’s a dental procedure to replace the full arch of your teeth and offers the convenience of the full set of dentures and the durability of dental implants. TeethExpress® is far less time-consuming as the full arch of teeth get replaced and there are no individual teeth implants.

How does it compare with dentures?

Professionally placed dentures are an effective tooth replacement solution. But their drawbacks such as more maintenance and fitment issues can inconvenience patients. Dental implants, however, have become an exact science, and they are long-lasting with no major discomfort.

What happens in a TeethExpress® procedure?

After your initial dental examination, we prepare a customized plan. During the procedure, 4 to 6 implants are surgically put into your jaw with the titanium abutment posts, and your denture is secured to the abutment posts through special prosthetic screws. Since the full arch of your teeth is being replaced, the procedure lasts just a few hours and you can leave for your home or for work on the same day with brand new teeth and smile.

Is TeethXpress® suitable for me?

It is if you want to replace teeth with those that feel, look, and function almost like your natural teeth, and you want a procedure that’s affordable as it can be completed much faster than receiving a full set of dental implants.

Suitability for dental implants and post-procedure recovery

The procedure of TeethExpress® is helpful if you:

  • Find it difficult to chew some of your food
  • Loose-fitting dentures are causing discomfort
  • Want the appearance of the full set of healthy teeth
  • Want a more affordable solution than traditional dental implants

At our dental practice, we complete the TeethExpress® procedure in a single day under local anesthesia. There’s no recovery time or long wait till you receive your customized implants. However, there will be some minor temporary discomfort, and patients are advised to follow a soft diet during the healing phase of about two weeks. To know the multiple advantages of the TeethXpress® procedure please call Sharma Dental Center at (925) 833-6200 to schedule your appointment.







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I went to Sharma Dental late on a Saturday afternoon due to emergency. Dr Sharma was very accommodating, and patiently described the procedure clearly and accurately. I felt he cared about my concerns with pain. The procedure wound up being quick and painless, just like he described! His staff was also very professional and helpful.

star star star star star Rene Gonzalez

I had a problem of loose abutment in my dental implant.I visited-Sharma Dental Center. The issue was diagnosed in the most professional way and in one sitting abutment alignment and fixing was done. Dr.Sharma has state of the art-set up and well equipped. I recommend persons in need of Dental Care with human touch, must visit this clinic.

star star star star star Baldev Karwal

Went to this new dental center on referral. I had a cleaning and cavity filling. Dr Chuang was very nice and professional. She let me know everything she was doing as she did it. Definitely kept me comfortable and kept my pain level managed. The facility is brand new so it is very clean and has some of the latest technology.

star star star star star Phong Nguyen

Dr Chuang was very helpful and informative. She took good care of my teeth, frequently asking if I was comfortable and explained everything well. Learned how to floss properly and answered all my questions

star star star star star Josh Siu

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